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Exploring Florida's natural island destination.

for Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts is a luxury hotel company based in Texas, but with wonderful vacation resorts around the United States, Canada, and Mexico. At many of their properties, Omni offers more than just a place to stay: they also provide a number of activities and events that make their resorts a full vacation experience.

Amelia Island Plantation Blog -

We designed and developed Amelia Island Plantation’s blog on the tried-and-true blogging platform Wordpress. The blog is a convenient and SEO-friendly way for the people behind Amelia Island Plantation to keep their community informed of events and developments at the resort. Posts range from Top Ten lists on the best restaurants in the area to seasonal celebrations that might interest the Omni resort’s visitors, and we were able to create a clean, responsive blog to help them keep everyone up to date.

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Pre-Arrival and Transactional Emails

Keeping customers informed is important to Omni Resorts. Making sure the emails containing that information looks great and works well is important to us. We designed and developed responsive transactional email templates for Omni, including reservation confirmations, cancellation alerts, and pre-arrival emails for info on things to do in town, weather, and more.


Email Marketing Campaigns

For particularly special events or promotions, Amelia Island Plantation requested the design and development of emails that could bring attention to certain areas of the resort. These email marketing campaigns also helped measure customer engagement and activity, allowing Amelia Island Plantation to keep track of which offers and promotions garnered the most interest. The information gathered worked to give Amelia Island Plantation a better understanding of their guests, while also improving guest satisfaction.

Weekly Resort Guide

With their ever-changing list of activities and events, the Amelia Island branch of Omni Hotels & Resorts wanted to provide a way to easily share itinerary with guests. Previously, they had printed lists for visitors – a costly and environmentally unfriendly method that Omni wanted to modernize with an online version.

We designed and developed an Umbraco CMS based online resort guide for Amelia Island Plantation guests to access with ease. On the new digital resort guide, visitors to the resort could browse the many nature excursions, spa treatments, shopping and dining opportunities, and fun weekly activities that the Omni Hotel & Resorts Amelia Island Plantation offers.

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