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Change your diet, change the world.

for Aspire Food Group

With operations in Ghana and the United States, Aspire Food Group is a forward-thinking company that seeks to solve the problem of global food insecurity. Aspire works to change the way people around the world think about food, with a focus on farming insects (crickets and palm weevil larvae) for human consumption. Aspire’s founding team won the Hult Prize in 2013, which helped them acquire the foundation for an international endeavor.

The Website

We were tasked with expanding upon Aspire's branding as well as redesigning their website, giving them a refreshed new look for their presence online. The design for the website is slick, bold, and modern in order to reflect Aspire’s innovative vision – but it also contains an abundance of material on the benefits of insect protein, the tradition of insect consumption, and Aspire’s cutting-edge farming techniques.

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Illustrations & Infographics

During the website design process, we developed an illustration style that could utilize the Aspire brand colors, work in an icon format, and be used in infographics to help clarify Aspire’s message to visitors. This style had to strike a balance between fun and adhering to Aspire’s professional image.