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Designing a way for the positive day.


Irie! Delivering reggae lifestyle gear to customers in over 80 countries around the world, is the world’s most popular reggae lifestyle brand and ecommerce website. From fashion-forward dresses, beachwear, and licensed Bob Marley gear to original designs that speak to the 420 lifestyle, has everything you need to let your inner reggae lover out.

We’ve been with since its inception and developed the brand from the ground up. Over the years, it’s been rewarding to help it grow from a startup to the dominant brand in its market segment.

The Website

Ecommerce websites are a unique balance of three main considerations: security, friendliness, and flexibility. They have to be secure enough to perform financial transactions, friendly enough to be an effective selling platform, and flexible enough to integrate with backend warehouse and business system.

We’ve been through three complete redesigns of the website. Since the majority of customers are using smartphones to access the website, the current site is a responsive “mobile-first” website.

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Before Hover over the computer screen to see where Rasta Empire was previously
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Most website visitors are accessing the site through a mobile device, so we designed the site to be “mobile-first.” Because page load performance is so critical for ecommerce websites and smartphones are particularly sensitive to performance issues, we took the mobile responsive design one step further: we crafted server-side software to “right-size” the website images and code delivered to mobile devices. This allows for the highest performance and best customer experience.


We’re not just digital – we also design, produce, and develop custom t-shirts and branded clothing products for a number of our clients. RastaEmpire Originals is a line of branded apparel designed to appeal to customers who love reggae music culture and the 420 lifestyle. The apparel line is currently being carried by hundreds of resellers in the US, Canada and Europe. We designed the artwork, performed the print color separations, sourced & specified garments, and coordinated production.

Launch Page
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Launch Page

RastaEmpire utilizes the speed, convenience, and low cost of email marketing to connect with customers. We designed the email newsletters (e-blasts) in accordance with RastaEmpire’s branded image and paid careful attention to the elements of a newsletter that would engage customers. For RastaEmpire’s email marketing campaigns, we implemented a schedule based around holidays and seasonal featured items to time the e-blasts in a way that wouldn’t seem too pushy or spammy to subscribers.


Our social media marketing strategy for led to an increase of over 228,000 Facebook likes and more than 20,000 new Instagram followers. A combination of original content, sourced relevant content, and promotions helps keep fans engaged.


Rasta Socialmedia Results

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