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Collins Builders: A Custom Website for Custom Homes

for Collins Builders

Collins Builders was established in 2003 with a foundational dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer service, leading to hundreds of satisfied Collins Builders homeowners across Northeast Florida. The Collins Builders strategy to building houses focuses on communication and is fueled by genuine care for what clients want from their perfect home. By supporting their client through every aspect of the homebuilding process, including selecting the future site of construction and using 3D technology to plan the interior design of a future home, Collins Builders ensures that their client is totally happy with the house they’ve helped to build.

Website Redesign

In the same way that Collins Builders builds custom houses to best suit their clients, we wanted to create a custom website that best suited what Collins Builders has to offer. Our mission was to echo the contemporary, clean style of Collins Builders homes in their online presence, ending in a modern website with cool colors and sleek animation accents. With so much that Collins Builders does during their homebuilding process, we also needed to guarantee that the information – including their building process, their library of available floor plans, and a catalog of homes they’re proudest of – on the site was easy to access and understand.

Using the scaleable Umbraco CMS, we designed and developed a site that could grow as Collins Builders grows. By building the site with responsiveness in mind, we made certain that it would look great no matter what device is being used while visiting. This combination means that we’ve hopefully created a website that will look fresh and function well for years to come.

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Custom Floor Plans

A critical element of Collins Builders' website was hosting its array of available floor plans, including images of blueprints and videos of virtual renderings. We also wanted to give site visitors a way to search through the many floor plans Collins Builders had to offer – by style, square footage, and number of bedrooms. To further help visitors find their Collins Builders dream home, we made a way for visitors to favorite floor plans or share them via social media or email.


"Red Fin Group is truly the best in the business. Their creativity, organization, innovation and outstanding customer service sets them apart from any potential competition. The expertise in graphic design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and idea generation is unmatched. I have worked with Red Fin Group for 8+ years now and they will continue to be my first choice for design and technology."

Peyton Davidson, Director of Marketing
Custom Map

With the amount of information available on the website, we understood that a visual way to easily and quickly display all the past, present, and future projects would help visitors see at least some of what Collins Builders has to offer. We integrated Collins Builders’ available, pending/sold, and soon-to-come house collection with a Google Map that displays each house with color-coded markers. Clicking the markers results on a pop-up with basic details and a link to more information, making sure that visitors get everything they need to know about the houses that interest them.

SEO Strategy

We have a lot of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and we put all that experience to use for Collins Builders. With a content-first SEO strategy, we helped organize the new Collins Builders website in a way that assists them in their search engine rankings, ensuring that search engines further prioritize Collins Builders for searches in custom and new construction home builders.


The Collins Builders blog was built in Wordpress and exists as a great way for Collins Builders to inform site visitors of new design ideas and more, displaying their expertise in the industry. Content on a blog can also be beneficial for search engine rankings, making the blog for Collins Builders a boost to our established SEO strategy. We integrated the main site’s style into the Wordpress blog, keeping everything in line with branding and ensuring a cohesive look.