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A Fresh Website Redesign

for Golden Sun Insights

Food is important. Making sure food gets from the farm to the customer is also important, and part of a large and multi-faceted industry. GoldenSun Insights handles one of those facets as a marketing firm helping produce companies “from seed to retail,” managing the branding, packaging, and advertising aspects of getting produce to consumers. Utilizing their years of experience and a talented, dedicated team to manage projects, GoldenSun ensures that every produce company they work with has the right look, feel, and branding for success.

The Website Design

GoldenSun’s whole business revolves around fresh produce, so we kept that idea in mind when redesigning their website. We built a site around branding colors that were as bright and fresh, with design accents that seemed more organic and less strictly business-like than what you might see in an average professional site. Still, GoldenSun Insights is indeed a professional website, so giving them the platform to explain what they do, who they’ve helped, and the credentials of their team members was also important. Using the Umbraco CMS, our developers turned that bright, new GoldenSun design into a modern website that’s easy to update in the backend and responsive, functional, and beautiful up front.

Harvesting Success Stories

GoldenSun Insights is proud of the results they’ve generated within their industry and, of course, wanted to showcase them. With a section of their site dedicated to case studies, they’re able to break down exactly what they’ve done for clients and how their services have helped produce positive results for all kinds of… well, produce. In terms of design and development for this section, we wanted to keep everything clean, simple, and easy to expand in the future.