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Eat more crickets!

for Aketta

Aketta is a product of the Aspire Food Group and an answer to the question of how to achieve a sustainable, more environmentally friendly source of protein for people around the world. It turns out the answer to that question is “eat more crickets,” which Aketta sells – in whole and flour form – on their website. The challenge for us was to design and build a responsive website and shop in order to bring this brand new company and product to life.

The Website

With Aketta being such a unique product, we understood that the website would have to be an educational resource as much as a marketing tool. We focused on a lot of statistics, infographics, and recipes to help potential Aketta customers understand the product’s benefits and versatility. The design needed to be clean, colorful enough to reflect Aketta's bold personality, and fit with the established brand assets. By using the customizable, scalable Umbraco CMS for the site, we left room for Aketta’s potential growth.

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The Blog

Aketta’s blog acts as a way to spotlight and discuss news relating to the Aketta brand and product. This blog had to be packed with a lot of information, but information presented in a more conversational, casual tone to help engage site visitors while getting the message across. The end result of the Aketta blog is a clean, well-organized blog that is perfect for sharing all the cricket info anyone could ever need.

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The Shop

Although Aketta’s website contains tons of information on its cricket products, we knew that information wasn’t all Aketta wanted to offer. A e-commerce shop customized from an existing Shopify template and cleanly integrated with the site’s interface allows Aketta to easily sell its crickets and cricket flour to its forward-thinking customer base.