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An innovative website redesign.

for Allied Manufacturing

With over 75 years of experience, Jacksonville-headquartered Allied Manufacturing has made a name for itself in the design and crafting of furniture for the school, office, and food service industries. Allied sells their tables and chairs across the United States and internationally, ensuring that everything from classrooms to conference rooms to cafeterias have quality products that suit their needs.

A large product line and a long history meant that Allied needed a well-designed, well-structured site to show everything off. That’s where we came in, designing and building a website that could best showcase what Allied has to offer.

The Website Redesign

Our website design for Allied kept things clean and simple, so as to best show off the array of products the company offers without things getting too cluttered. At the same time, all those products meant we had to keep in mind the ease with which collections could be updated with new products or new product variants, so the functionality of the site was a priority during development as well. We built the Allied Manufacturing website on the Umbraco content management system, which allowed us to make a site that was great to look at and easy to update.

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"You are amazing. You listened and delivered." 

Giving the user clear options

We did mention that Allied has a lot of products and product variants, right? Well, it took some work to make sure all those options were clear and easy to access for site visitors. We designed and developed a product interface that clearly displayed everything from color and texture variations for Allied Manufacturing’s products, to very detailed specifications – all so that buyers would know exactly what their options are and which of those options will suit their needs.