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A stellar website for a stellar firm, built from the ground up.

for Stellar

They build schools, design industrial-scale refrigeration systems, automate food processing plants, and make insulated roof panels. Stellar is a complicated business offering a wide range of products and services over multiple mostly unrelated markets. Our challenge was to design a website that presented the Stellar brand in a simple, straightforward way while building online content funnels and conversion paths to support each of their divergent markets.

The Website

Stellar needed a website design in order to better emphasize the company’s professionalism, capabilities, and accomplishments. Prior to our redesign, Stellar’s website did not properly showcase their impressive portfolio, speak directly to their major markets, or represent their brand as well as it could have. The customizability we implemented on Stellar’s site, plus the quantity and diversity of available marketing materials, allowed the website to appeal to a variety of potential customers while reinforcing the image of Stellar as a skilled industry leader.

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Our Impact

We netted Stellar a 121% increase in food business pageviews, a 926% increase in government construction pageviews, and an 84% overall increase in pageviews across all verticals in the past year. We also helped streamline the content of the Stellar website, making it more searchable and user-friendly while improving its search engine optimization.

Food For Thought Blog

Stellar’s Food for Thought blog is not only a way for the company to get out information and advice related to its industry, but also a great way to improve leads and generate web traffic. We designed and developed the Wordpress based Food for Thought blog with ease-of-use in mind and provided a sign-up opportunity for blog post alerts.

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Trade Show Booth

Designing for the real world can be a lot different from designing for the web, but that’s no excuse for deviating from a company’s branding. When we designed signage and print material for Stellar’s trade show booth, we translated Stellar’s brand standards from digital to print. The result was an eye-catching trade show booth and related marketing collateral that adhered to Stellar’s brand image.

Mobile Optimization for a Full Experience

With most of Stellar’s business being in the industrial and construction fields, we knew that many of its customers and clients would be visiting the site on mobile devices. We had to consider the idea that Stellar’s clients might use the website while on construction sites or in manufacturing facilities, so making sure that everything was mobile-friendly and available was an important part of the Stellar online design and development project.