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A heavenly shopping experience.

for Christian Apparel Shop

An ecommerce retailer dealing in Christian apparel and accessories, Christian Apparel Shop began as a small business in 2012, but has grown considerably in the years since. The (accurately named) Christian Apparel Shop sells a variety of Christian-themed clothing with designs that range from the youthful and humorous to straightforward Biblical quotations. In addition to shirts in a variety of sizes and styles, the store also stocks jewelry, hats, and gift items.

The Website

Online ecommerce stores have to update their look pretty frequently. Like a new coat of paint on a physical store, every once in a while a website refresh is in order for online companies like Christian Apparel Shop. In 2014, we were asked to do a more modern overhaul of Christian Apparel’s website, including updated merchandise images, a new logo, and more standardized brand assets. All this effort came together to create a contemporary storefront and more state-of-the-art functionality.

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Before Christian Apparel Shop lacked personality Hover over the computer screen to see where Christian Apparel Shop was previously
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Developing the Brand

A lot of our clients already have an established image and message and need us to effectively translate their brand to the Internet. With Christian Apparel Shop, we got to develop their brand, image, and message from the ground up. Knowing that their customer base is primarily 30 to 40 and female, we developed a color palette and typography that set a spiritual, cool, elegant, and youthful tone. The logo was designed to embody that tone, with an elegant script and a subtle ichthys (“Jesus fish”) to resonate with their Christian customers.

Remarketing Advertising

Display remarketing advertising is one of the most effective forms of digital advertising. If you’ve ever visited an online store only to notice that the products that you viewed seem to “follow” you all over the Internet, you’ve been targeted by remarketing ads. Display remarketing ads have enjoyed a very high advertising spend ROI and sales conversion rate. They are great for closing customers that “bounce” from your website. We developed ad creative and a remarketing ad campaign that helps Christian Apparel Shop close the deal.

Photoshoot with Photoshop

One of the toughest things for apparel companies is product photography. Photoshoots with models are expensive and time consuming. Flat images of t-shirts against white backgrounds don’t sell as well as quality, professional images that fully represent the clothing, the brand message, and the customers. Lucky for for Christian Apparel, our designers are pretty amazing with Photoshop. We combined stock apparel photography and a little editing know-how to give Christian Apparel the product photoshoot they wanted without the photoshoot itself  or the huge expense it would come with.


It's been wonderful to work with everyone at Red Fin Group. Their talented design team surpassed the vision we had for our new website design and they also recommended an eCommerce platform that we are very happy with. The new website, combined with their help on our marketing and online advertising campaigns, has increased our conversions and online presence dramatically. Our only regret is that we didn't find RFG earlier.

Melanie Z., Co-owner
Our Impact

The positive impact on SEO that translated to online sales was immediate. The website experienced an instant 31% boost in conversion performance. Customer engagement jumped significantly, with a 46% increase in the number of website pages viewed and a 230% increase in social sharing.

Mobile Sales

Mobile is a big deal for ecommerce websites. Online purchasing decisions are often impulsive, in the moment – maybe a customer saw a product they liked on the go, and they searched for it from their smartphone. Since search engines always favor mobile friendly websites in mobile search results, mobile support can be critical for ecommerce websites.

The new mobile responsive Christian Apparel Shop immediately realized a 48% increase in smartphone customer sales conversions and has increased organic search engine traffic to the website by 231% since launch.

CAS Mobile Conversions Stat