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Tom Nehl Website Redesign

for Tom Nehl

We don’t mean to grab all the best clients in town but you know, that's how we do. 

Tom Nehl is a Jacksonville original – founded in 1958, they’ve been serving the community for an incredible 65 years. From offering repairs and supplying quality parts to providing an avenue for leasing or buying new and used trucks, Tom Nehl has become an integral part of the logistics of America’s logistics center. Four expanding locations in Northeast Florida and South Georgia have made Tom Nehl convenient to all the major interstates in the region and their decades of experience, dedication, and knowledge have made Tom Nehl the go-to truck dealer.


Website Redesign

Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin’

We wanted to make sure that Tom Nehl’s new website reflected their long-standing legacy within the trucking industry while modernizing their brand identity, increasing their search exposure, and improving online usability for their customers.

With a focus on usability for both site visitors and Tom Nehl staff, we reimagined the company’s website with better imagery, iconography, and a visitor-first design, all built upon a modern cohesive digital brand.

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Every visitor is sacred, but with the average semi tractor selling for six figures, Tom Nehl visitors are especially so. When just a small increase in organic visitors equals big revenue returns, a 74% increase is absolutely business changing.

Making the Truck Sales experience a smoother drive

What's the difference between a digital agency and a legacy advertising agency? Sometimes it’s a struggle to answer that question (“Well, we’re similar but we’re really Internet-focused and have more tech depth on our team…”) but the seamless systems-to-website integration we did for Tom Nehl is a perfect example of the difference and why you engage a digital agency to handle your digital projects. We do this tech stuff effortlessly and build it into a cohesive, beautiful, and functional user experience. We got that big nerd energy. #Code

How does all of this work? Truck Paper maintains Tom Nehl’s pre-owned truck inventory: mileage, features, specifications, price, location, and photographs. With the prior website (designed by a legacy ad agency 😢) Tom Nehl staff had to enter their pre-owned trucks into two systems: Truck Paper and their old website, doubling the work. 

The website we designed is integrated with the Truck Paper data feed and synchronizes the Tom Nehl truck inventory between the two systems with a software integration we created. No more manual entry in two places and an accurate, timely listing of available inventory online 100% of the time.



"I am so excited! It looks GREAT!!!!! So grateful to your whole team for all your help (and patience!) You all did a simply fantastic job. It’s a site that we can definitely be proud of."

Kelly Belich, Director of Marketing and Communications at Tom Nehl
A Responsive design

Truckers 🚚 are usually on the move and therefore rely on a great mobile experience more than most. A phone-friendly website is key for Tom Nehl’s on-the-go customers who might find themselves in need of a new part or repair services while traveling, so we always kept that in mind during the website build process. We created their new site to offer full functionality and a beautiful design to every visitor, no matter the device: computer, tablet, or phone.


Custom Icons

Adorbs, right? A touch of playful hieroglyphic happiness to support the Tom Nehl brand image – for when you don’t want to use your words or are on a mobile device.


Customers love local and Google loves it even more. Key to the success of a regional organization is serving local markets locally, online and off. On the human side: local staff, local service, and local community involvement lets customers know they are dealing with real people that will serve their needs. On the search side, associating local services to local online markets helped earn that 74% increase in organic website visitors.