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Titan Farms Website Redesign: What a peach!

for Titan Farms

Founded in 1999 by the Carr family and retaining the close-knit family atmosphere in its operations to this day, Titan Farms grows and processes high-quality fruits and vegetables available across North America. Although they’ve branched out into growing bell pepper, eggplant, and broccoli, Titan Farms is first and foremost a peach grower – the largest on the east coast, in fact – and prioritizes customer satisfaction and product quality to ensure they remain at the head of the pack in the fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables industry.

With over 6,200 acres of peach trees and over 60 different varieties of peaches, there are several different brands under the Titan Farms umbrella and a commercial reach that covers all of North America. On top of the production and selling of peaches and other produce, Titan Farms also has plenty of recipes and e-cookbooks to help folks figure out what to do with all those fruits and veggies.

Website Redesign

Just as aesthetics for anything might change, there’s very little about web design that can remain timeless. Even if a site is still functional and informative, when it starts looking obviously dated then it’s usually a good idea to do a refresh. This was the case for Titan Farms. The site had plenty of information and recipes, but the look of it no longer reflected Titan Farm’s modern brand, so it was time for something new – with a couple bonus features thrown in, like animated graphics and a more cohesive site structure. The result was a site that is more stylish, more dynamic, and even easier to navigate for all that peach-related info.

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So with such a delicious looking website, what happens when a visitor decides they really, really want some peaches? Well, besides a direct link to order giftboxes of peaches, the site also has a store finder that filters stores by location – making getting some Titan Farms peaches as simple as picking the store nearest to you.


In addition to sharing information about the history, brands, and innovations of Titan Farms, the Titan Farms website is also a repository for dozens of recipes using the peaches, bell peppers, broccoli, and eggplant grown and sold by the company. Categorized by produce type to make hunting down the right recipe that much easier, each one contains all the information necessary to make your next favorite dinner, dessert, or tasty snack.

Palmetto Processing Solutions

This sister company under the Titan Farms brand handles the processing of peaches, including slicing, dicing, pureeing, and freezing tasty Titan Farms peaches so they can be enjoyed year-round. Palmetto Processing Solutions is proud of its direct farm-to-fork traceability, prioritizing the fresh, fantastic taste of its peaches even through processing.

Although we mimicked the style and functionality of Titan Farms in order to build the Palmetto Processing Solutions website, we made sure to stick to design elements that were uniquely Palmetto, including different fonts, colors, and imagery.