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Cooking up a healthy interactive experience.

for WP Rawl

Established as a farm selling peaches in the 1920s, WP Rawl has been in business for over 90 years and still runs as a “family farm” employing members of the Rawl family in addition to hundreds of other employees. Under the umbrella of WP Rawl are brands and product lines such as Nature’s Greens, Versatile Veggies, Palmetto Gardens, and Seasoned Sautes.

The Website

A restructuring of the Rawl sitemap at the start of the design process allowed us to improve user experience on the most fundamental level, while also enhancing SEO. From there, we were able to deliver a modern, responsive, and attractive website that properly highlighted Rawl’s products and recipes, but did not sacrifice the company’s established brand identity.

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"Our company has been using Red Fin Group for our website for the past few years and have been very happy with all of their services! They are always friendly, very creative, easy to work with and are very knowledgeable. We would recommend them to anyone!"

Christine Jackson, Marketing Manager
Seasoned Sautés One Page Site

The Seasoned Sautés product line sells simple, healthy, high-protein “meals in a bag” with an emphasis on reduced animal proteins and increased vegetable proteins. In terms of design, the landing page for the product needed to be informative, user-friendly, and visually interesting – all while still adhering to the broader WP Rawl branding.

Kale Up with Us Digital Campaign

Kale Up is a digital marketing campaign used to promote Nature’s Greens Kale products and engage customers via the newsletter and a product coupon incentive. We designed and developed a fun, colorful landing page with a lot of interactive features like hover states, parallax scrolling, and plenty of kale info.

Launch Page
Palmetto Gardens Microsite

Palmetto Gardens is a WP Rawl brand that dates back to the 1940s and was recently revived as a part of the WP Rawl legacy. The Publix-exclusive product’s revival meant it needed an online identity, which we delivered with a responsive microsite. Palmetto Gardens’ microsite is a direct, colorful website with seasonal recipes for each Palmetto Gardens product.

Launch Page
Back to Fresh Digital Campaign

The Back to Fresh campaign had two goals: encourage customers to add more greens to their diets, and engage visitors through a newsletter sign-up. The landing page targeted younger consumers with a youthful, fun design concept and the newsletter allowed Rawl to monitor engagement and target customers for future promotions.

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Eat Mo' Greens Campaign

The Eat Mo’ Greens campaign is another fun, colorful promotion for the Nature’s Greens brand. For this campaign, the main content is a selection of recipes, videos, and blog posts from spokeswoman Monique Coleman. In addition to the Nature’s Greens content, the Eat Mo’ Greens landing page included a contest entry form to encourage customer engagement.

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