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On a mission to create places with purpose.

for Raydient LLC.

Raydient Places + Properties is a subsidiary of Rayonier that focuses on the sale of rural real estate around the southern United States. Considering its parent company, it’s no surprise that Raydient is a real advocate for the benefits of living, working, and relaxing in places a little closer to nature than your average suburb and, in addition to a large property search engine, provides documents and resources on why country living can be great.

The Website

Although it falls under the Rayonier company umbrella, Raydient Places + Properties is a distinct entity and we made sure to keep it that way. Rayonier’s branding styles still exist here and there, but when designing the site for Raydient Places + Properties we wanted to keep certain uniquely Raydient design elements front and center. For development, we mostly stuck with our tried-and-true favorite CMS, Umbraco, and implemented some Hubspot integration to keep things interesting. Overall, we set out to design and build a website for Raydient Places that was clean, beautiful, and easy to use.

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Custom inventory management system

Getting Raydient Places + Properties up and running meant more than just a simple website design and build. Because of Raydient’s business in rural real estate, we also set to work developing a custom interface to manage communities and properties and streamlined Raydient’s system by automating many of the tasks that were previously manual, like featured properties, sold out properties, associated communities, and more. In addition to all that, we developed an interface to their ArcGIS server to show property boundaries and added functionality that allowed users to filter properties by various criteria, including state, county, price, and acreage. A little bit of integration with Google Maps was the final touch on a fully customized inventory management system for Raydient, so that all those people out there searching for the perfect rural getaway could find exactly what they wanted.

This single-page website was built to showcase the elements of Raydient’s planning, development, and marketing business. From designing communities to selling the rural land available on the Raydient Places + Properties website, Raydient takes care of a wide array of real estate development endeavors. The site splits these projects into three sections: Community Development (primarily, the Wildlight community in Florida), Rural Land Sales, and Commercial and Industrial development. It’s a small site with a lot to say, all tied together with Raydient’s future-focused principles and emphasis on constant growth.

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Mobile Optimization for a Full Experience

Setting websites up for use on mobile devices is a must these days. For a website like Raydient Places, it’s even more critical – there’s no telling when or where someone might need to look up a plot of land they’re thinking about buying. It’s just better for everyone that any site that looks good on a desktop computer also looks great and functions well on a phone or tablet, so we set to work making sure that was true for Raydient Places + Properties. With careful consideration of any possible screen size, we kept responsive design in mind and planned Raydient’s site in a way that ensured a great user experience whether that user was browsing at home or on the go.