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Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Website Development Services

We develop secure, intuitive, easy to maintain e-commerce solutions that sell.

We’ve designed and launched multiple e-commerce websites that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. E-commerce is a complex and difficult business and as an agency we have a depth of knowledge, experience, and a track record of success that is hard to match.

A successful e-commerce effort brings virtually every discipline we offer to bear on a project. 

  • Branding & Message: An online sale is often an emotional decision supported by the company brand and messaging. It’s vital that we interpret the corporate brand identity and accurately represent it on the internet.
  • Technology & Development: By their very nature, e-commerce websites are technically complex. They merchandise products, maintain customer data, process payments in real time, and often have to support large customer website traffic loads.
  • SEO & Information Architecture: Millions in revenue can be determined by your position in search results and, often, the website is the sole source of revenue to the business. A well thought out SEO strategy and information architecture is the difference between success and failure.
  • Systems Integrations: There are always multiple points of integration between a website and other technology systems in an online business. Order fulfillment, shipping, accounting, payment processing, inventory control, marketing automation, and enterprise resource planning systems are just a few kinds of systems that we’ve integrated with e-commerce websites.
  • Advertising & ROI: Unlike an inbound lead or a branding-focused corporate identity website, where advertising ROI is either difficult to measure or is part of a larger branding-focused marketing budget, an e-commerce effort must generate a positive return on advertising spend. Competition online is fierce, so e-commerce competitors are often the most sophisticated advertisers on the Internet. We have extensive experience building and managing ROI-positive, internationally scaled, e-commerce-focused ad campaigns that have driven hundreds of thousands of online sales for our clients.
  • Traffic & Behaviour Analysis: Simple Google Analytics isn’t enough when you’re selling online. You need a deep understanding and analysis of your customers' behavior so that you can identify, understand, and visualize what your customers are doing on site, what's driving revenue and what isn’t (and needs to be addressed).
  • Digital Security: Data security has never been more important. New payment card industry rules have put the burden of liability on e-commerce companies. If you leak credit card and sensitive financial information, you bear the burden of the customer losses. Our e-commerce solutions are PCI (payment card industry) compliant and secured by state of the art in digital firewalls and security systems.

If you have a new e-commerce concept that you’d like to launch or you have an existing website and you’d like to up the game, get in touch with us and we can help.


ASP.NET Storefront Development

ASP.NET Storefront is a popular shopping cart software used by thousands of online retailers. If you’re looking to implement ASP.NET Storefront into your eCommerce site, our team of skilled developers is more than capable of doing the job.

nopCommerce Development

For an open-source and free eCommerce solution, there’s nopCommerce. Since it’s also based in ASP.NET, we can easily develop for nopCommerce and get your online retail store running as quickly as possible.

Shopify Development

Used by over 125,000 online retailers around the world, Shopify is a well-liked eCommerce platform with pricing plans that change according to your store’s needs. Shopify is simple and easy to use and we often recommend it to clients wanting to enter the online retail market or overhaul their current system.


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