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Connecting Patients with Treatment

for Crossroads Treatment Centers

As the opiate epidemic spreads across the USA exponentially, Crossroads Treatment Centers offers a caring path to addiction recovery. Founded in 2007 from a single location in Greenville South Carolina, Crossroads has rapidly expanded to provide compassionate addiction treatment and recovery options to patients at 26 locations across 8 US states. We’ve been proud to help them with that growth. To increase their momentum, we developed new digital branding, redesigned their website, and integrated digital marketing strategy.

Website Redesign

Our goal was to create a new digital brand and website design that shared a positive message of compassionate care without the usual negative imagery associated with addiction. The project wasn’t without risk: the Internet is Crossroads #1 lead generation channel, so the transition from old to new had to be a seamless upward trajectory of traffic and patient leads.

Geography is a key challenge for this project. Crossroads Treatment centers serve patients in 26 individual metro markets, and each city has its own unique competitive pressures. We designed flexibility into the the website so that each clinic location page can be tailor-fit to the local market conditions.


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Before Hover over the computer screen to see what Crossroads Treatment Centers was previously.
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Helping Patients Find A Treatment Center

Central to the Crossroads website is connecting local patients with their the nearest caregiver. With consistent first page organic SEO rankings, the majority of new patients land directly on their local clinic page via organic search. For the patients that begin on another page, the website features multiple conversion paths, including an advanced mapping feature to guide patients to their nearest clinic.


"I'm so excited about the site. The map is especially impressive...
I think this will be a good experience for people and will only get better going forward."

Tracy Ray, Marketing
An Integrated Approach

The website isn’t an island to itself, it’s a the centerpoint in an integrated digital marketing strategy that includes search pay per click PPC across 26 metropolitan regions, display remarketing advertising, and social media campaigns. The site is fully integrated with Google Analytics to track organic search and paid ad campaign performance through the lead generation process.

The Blog

The integrated blog gives Crossroads Treatment Centers the ability to share timely addiction news information, discuss addiction treatments and outcomes, as well as offer initial guidance to patients seeking recovery.

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The Mobile Experience

Mobile site visits represent the majority of patient traffic to the website. Because of this, we’ve built a fully immersive, mobile responsive website that supports devices from smartphone to tablet.