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Helping to see trees differently.

for Rayonier Inc.

Founded in 1926 in Washington state and with a name inspired by iconic Mount Rainier, Rayonier and its products have helped to build modern America as we know it. Primarily a timber, real estate, and forest products company, Rayonier owns and manages over 2.6 million acres of timberland in the United States and New Zealand, and are one of the largest producers of softwood timber products in the world.

With deference to — and inspired by — the Rayonier history of a nearly century-long stewardship of the land, we crafted the modern Rayonier “More Than Trees” brand position, voice, digital and offline presentation.



The Website: A Balancing Act

We balanced a message of ethics and ecological stewardship while paying tribute to a rich history, but simultaneously presented the image of a visionary, modern company ready to attract the next generation of customers, investors, and forestry professionals.

The new Rayonier website is built on the Umbraco content management (our fav ♥) system (CMS) with integrations to both CRM and the Hubspot marketing automation platform. With ruggedly beautiful land and an impressive nearly century old historic photography archive, Rayonier we were already ahead at the beginning. We merged voice and image to create their new website.

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Before Rayonier was not mobile friendly Hover over the computer screen to see where Rayonier was previously
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Finding a (brand) voice among the trees

If you’re an agency and selected by a client to update their brand with a new image, voice, and personality, it doesn’t hurt when they are one of the oldest and most respected public companies in the state. (We like it a lot)

Rayonier is best known for (and some would say too well known for) trees. While trees are their thing, trees and timber products don’t tell the whole huge Rayonier story. They are an incredibly diverse company with businesses that include real estate, agriculture, land use, solar energy, hunting land leases, and even honeybees. Who doesn’t love honeybees?

We worked with Rayonier to develop the “More Than Trees” story that speaks to the interests of their stakeholders with a supporting brand voice that is all parts: steward, responsible, innovative, forward-thinking, and positive and community-oriented. We think it worked!



From Brand to Design

It isn’t hard to make Rayonier look great. Nature is the greatest artist, after all, and their lands are a beautiful subject. Instead, our challenge was to balance message and imagery in a way that best told the Rayonier story to each brand stakeholder, with visuals and with words.

Custom Illustrations

Wind power, solar, home building products, our creatives tell me that nothing tells a story better than a picture. As one of RFG’s writers, I respectfully disagree. (But they might have a point)

Have a branding, website, or tech project for your company? We’d love to hear from you.


Investor Relations

We love our public company clients. In terms of website traffic, size of the audience, and geography covered, public clients challenge us to create solutions that scale both technically, and in brand building.

One of the unique aspects of publicly traded clients like Rayonier is critical SEC reporting. Both the SEC and shareholders require specific, timely filings and reporting. Working with NASDAQ, we designed and implemented the Rayonier investor relations section, which balances required filings with valuable investor messaging. (We also did for Advanced Disposal and Sirius Group - click over there and check them out)

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