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A real sweet website.

for Shuman Farms

For over 30 years, the family-owned Shuman Farms has been growing sweet onions in the Vidalia growing region of Georgia. Primarily branded under the RealSweet name but also including Mr. Buck’s, Shuman Farms delivers the very specific Vidalia onion variety as well as a handful of other onion types, onion-centric recipes, and cooking videos and resources. Shuman Farms also participates in nationwide charities, including their own charity, Produce for Kids, which is a marketing organization campaigning for healthier food for hungry families across the US.

The Website Design

Shuman Farms’ primary brand, RealSweet, held the bulk of the company’s recipes, videos, and product information. Because of that, RealSweet was the website design and development starting point for the Shuman Farms family and, since we used the Umbraco CMS, it was easy enough to scale everything down in the sites that followed. The Real Sweet website itself was built to scale up in some respects, as we made it easy to add more recipes, resources, and general content that would be useful to RealSweet customers.

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From Farm to Table

We designed a unique but simple way to depict the farm-to-table process for RealSweet by displaying every step along the way in a colorful timeline separated by months. This timeline displays how the Shuman Farms company has managed to perfect the Vidalia onion growing process during its generations of experience.

Shuman Farms Corporate Site

Based largely off the design and development of the RealSweet website, the corporate site for Shuman Farms is a simple display of the company’s brands, history, and media assets. Unique color and font elements in the website design kept this from being a smaller clone of the RealSweet site, and allowed the Shuman Farms branding to come through.

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Mr. Bucks

Named after Buck Shuman, the Shuman Farms patriarch and an onion farmer of some renown in his own right, Mr. Buck’s is a smaller Vidalia onion brand under the Shuman Farms umbrella. We built a simple, to-the-point single-page website that tells the story of Mr. Buck (the person, not the onions) and promotes the brand as a tribute to John Shuman’s father.

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