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A Sunsational Website

for Sunions

After more than three decades of research, development, and careful farming, Sunions – North America’s first tearless and sweet onion – was finally perfected and ready for consumers. Primarily farmed in Nevada and Washington by approved growers, Sunions onions are triple-tested for flavor as well as their groundbreaking tearlessness. Care, consideration, and certification ensure that every single Sunions bulb will provide consistently sweet flavor and the ability to chop onions without all that messy crying.

The Website Design

Bright, joyful branding fit the tear-free Sunions product perfectly, so we extrapolated from their palette of quirky colors and design assets into a full website with a cheerful personality. Some animated features add a dynamic quality to the Sunions home page while the recipes section provides practical information and the Sunions “Life in the Sun” Blog keeps up to date with Sunions in the news. Every bit of the site is vibrant, welcoming, and – of course – responsive for devices of all screen sizes.

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The recipes section of the Sunions site carries over its consistently fun, colorful characteristics while sharing some delicious ways to put their product to use. We wanted the recipes system to be easy for site visitors to navigate and straightforward for the people at Sunions to edit. The first thing was accomplished with simplified design and a card style layout; the second was supported with the help of the Umbraco content management system. We also enabled the option to mix in some images with the recipe cards on the recipes landing page, since the card layout (popular with sites like Pinterest) is perfect for those creative touches.

Sunions Blog

The Sunions Blog is all about the Sunions success story. News articles and press releases on the blog discuss how Sunions went from a natural hybridization project spanning almost thirty years to a game-changing product available in over a dozen stores across the country. Our role was providing Sunions with the stylish and structured platform to share these stories, including a blog-wide search feature, categories for organization, and a comments section through the Disqus platform.