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Technology Strategy

Technology Strategy Services

A technology strategy that scales with you.

Nothing thrills us more than helping our clients grow their businesses online. We’ve been fortunate to have helped several clients whose growth has exceeded our wildest expectations. Not only do we have to plan for increased visitor traffic that comes with growth, but as a company expands, so do their systems. No website is an island to itself. Virtually all of the websites we built are integrated into other existing business technology systems: customer relationship management systems, marketing automation, inventory management, payment processing, order fulfillment, warehouse management, and enterprise resource management (ERP) are just the start. We always bake a growth plan into the sites we design.


Visitor Traffic Scaling 

A website can receive an unexpected traffic spike for a number of reasons. It can be natural organic growth over time, a particularly effective marketing campaign, a news story, or the natural influx of holiday shopping season. To cover all cases, we build websites to scale and specify hosting that will remain responsive during both planned and unplanned visitor traffic spikes.

Systems Integration

Modern business is built on technology. The technology that runs your enterprise often needs to integrate with your website. Whether that's as simple as integrating sales leads into your customer relationship management system (CRM) or as complex as a integration into a warehouse management system, the sites and applications that we design for our clients are built on the extensible, industry standard ASP.NET framework and open source content management and ecommerce systems. We can integrate your front-facing digital presence into virtually any other system in your organization.

Mobile App Integration

Companies often have multiple consumer-facing channels, including social media, mobile apps, and multiple websites. All of these platforms need to present consistent, accurate, and unified information and messaging.

Social Media, Email & Text Messaging

Customer messaging platforms work best when they are integrated and support each other. If it’s a service alert, a new real estate listing, a product that just came back into stock, or an interesting event, then multi-channel, mutually supporting messaging platforms – integrated and working in unison – are a highly effective way of reaching your customers.

3rd Party Data Integrations

Websites usually operate in an information ecosystem. Site information is often sourced and aggregated from a number of external systems. Public events, corporate service changes, inventory in or out of stock, real estate listings, public market information, employment listings, and customer alerts are just a few examples.

Payment Processing Systems

Some of our clients close the deal and accept payment directly on the Internet. We have extensive experience integrating transactional payment processing into consumer-facing web, with full PCI compliance and fraud detection capability., PayPal, BluePay, and Square are just a few that we've integrated with.

Custom Software Development

We are an expert Microsoft stack development shop with a full time staff of developers and a deep experience in custom software solutions for our clients using ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, and Microsoft Server.

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