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We built a site to help them build loyalty.

for Paytronix

Paytronix is a Boston-based marketing and technology company that assists multi-unit restaurant and convenience store operators increase customer retention, loyalty, and in-store sales. Their product offerings include rewards programs, email marketing, and gift card solutions, as well as customer intelligence and data analytics. Paytronix technologies help business owners identify buyer trends and customize special offers to customers to increase revenue. We help Paytronix market to qualified clients via their website and convert them into sales leads.

The Website

Our first iteration the Paytronix website design grew their business considerably through inbound organic search and advertising sourced website leads. We upped the game with a cutting edge digital brand refresh and a new focus on expanding their digital marketing into the convenience store market.


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“You are all talented, witty, and very hard-working. We appreciate everything you do!”

Paige Lucas, Marketing Communications
Merchant User Interface

We don’t just design websites – we do UI and UX too! We designed the customer-facing Merchant User Interface for Paytronix. This UI is a streamlined, efficient application for Paytronix clients to view, manage, and edit marketing campaigns and view customer engagement information.

Paytronix Merchant Interface Image

Mobile Development

We knew that the website for Paytronix had to properly reflect their high-tech brand image. We kept this in mind while designing it by making it professional, effective, and on-trend – but we had to ensure that the mobile format version of the Paytronix website would be just as stylish and just as functional. Responsive design and development allowed us to implement all the features of the Paytronix desktop site on mobile, just scaled accordingly.

In the first year alone total mobile traffic increased 83% with organic mobile website traffic up 146%. Four years later it's up 365% compared to the first year and still climbing!   

Paytronix Mobile Stats

The Holiday Card

At some point along the way we started designing a lot of fun, interactive holiday greetings for our clients. Word spread, and now it’s become a treasured part of our annual business cycle. To get all of the greetings out on time, we usually start concepts and storyboards in August… in Florida. Not the most festive-feeling time of the year, but we still manage to get into the holiday spirit.

Paytronix likes to include all of their employees in their digital greeting cards. When we designed their first card in 2014 they had 65 employees. By 2015 they had 88. The most recent, in 2016, had over 130 employees. If they keep growing at this rate, we might have to create a holiday book instead of a card. Click below and check out the cards – they’re pretty fun.

The Blog

The Paytronix Wordpress blog was designed and developed as a way for them to share up-to-date, relevant information with Paytronix customers and the professionals in the restaurant and convenience store industries. We strategically cross-linked between expertise blog articles to demonstrate Paytronix's extensive knowledge of their markets and improve search engine optimization.

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