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Diesel powerhouse

for L&J Diesel Services, Inc.

In business since 1968, L&J Diesel Service, Inc. has grown into the largest, most diverse independent diesel shop of its kind in the southeast. Dieselogic is the research division of L&J Diesel Service, Inc. and has developed cutting edge technology within the industry, with an emphasis on reducing the environmental impact of diesel engines and revitalizing older equipment with adapting instruments and Retro-fit Kits.

The Website

At the heart of it, Dieselogic is a technology company and their customers choose them because of their industry-leading, innovative diesel fuel injection systems. With the website and brand refresh, it was important to project that clean, cutting edge, and technological brand identity. All of that creative and well thought out branding now gets a lot more customer views, with a huge increase in SEO-driven customer traffic. Once on the website, the customers are guided to exactly the part they need with a sophisticated part finder.

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Custom Core Tracker Integration

We’re not just about pretty website design – we can code, too! Like a lot of the websites we design, the Dieselogic website had to integrate into existing technology systems and business processes. Since Dieselogic remanufactures diesel fuel parts, they offer their customers a discount to return their used injectors. We developed a sophisticated “core tracker” that integrates with the Dieselogic online store as well as their existing customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting systems.

Responsive Website for a Mobile Experience

Often Dieselogic customers are in the thick of a repair and need to search for and source parts right there in the shop. We designed a mobile responsive website for maximum usability to support shop floor tablets and smartphones.