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A website built to thrive.

for Thrive Infusions LLC.

Thrive Infusions is an IV Therapy spa located in Jacksonville, Florida and is part of the rapidly emerging field of personalized wellness medicine. Utilizing technology and the training of a team of registered nurses, Thrive specializes in creating IV therapy solutions customized for everything from hangover recovery to immunity support. Their expertise isn’t limited to just IVs, though — Thrive also provides a number of services for health, fitness, and beauty that range from high-tech scans to relaxing facials.

Website Redesign

The original website for Thrive was small — just a single page with details about the company, its staff, and the products available. That single page handled information just fine, but it was terrible for SEO and made editing in any changes a real hassle. We knew it wouldn’t do as a permanent digital solution and would never help Thrive grow, so we set to work coming up with a newer, more flexible site that could expand with Thrive itself.

Using Thrive’s established branding, we designed and developed a new website with an information architecture that would improve SEO as well as user experience. On top of that, the new Umbraco content management system makes editing copy, adding or removing products, and updating image a painless process for anyone, so the site can always remain up to date on the information it provides it customers (prospective or returning).

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A great website was only one step. Our approach also involved a very thorough marketing strategy, which included social media advertising, print marketing, pay-per-click campaigns — basically, a little bit of just about everything. That’s not to say that our attentions were divided, though. Whether we were pushing social media ads, organizing and distributing Thrive’s email newsletters, or designing postcards and flyers, we made sure that everything we did for Thrive was beneficial to them and stuff we were happy with as professionals.


Thrive’s limited assets before we became involved with the company meant taking new photos was a necessity. We were able to capture exactly what we needed for the new Thrive website as well as promotional and marketing materials, online or in print. Additional photography sessions at Thrive, even after the website launch, also allowed us to continuously update the site and promotions as Thrive grew.