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Volunteering for Running of the Bulls.

for The Arc Jacksonville

Running of the Bulls is an annual 5k race that raises money for The Arc Jacksonville, a local non-profit agency working to help people with intellectual and developmental differences participate in the community and achieve their full potential. Like many 5k races, this one comes with a little twist: the titular “bulls” are Jacksonville Roller Derby girls armed with red paint, who help incentivize and encourage runners to run. There are medals, drinks, and prizes at the end of the race, but the real purpose of the Running of the Bulls is to benefit a good cause, as all proceeds from the race go directly to Arc Jacksonville. We've been proud sponsors of The Arc Jacksonville's Running of the Bulls 5k race since 2014.

Logo Redesign

When we were asked to redesign the Running of the Bulls logo for the 2018 race, our approach was to put more focus on the “bulls” aspect and emphasize the red color of the paint used by the Roller Derby bulls. The result was a refreshed but simple bull silhouette in textured red, with the name of the race in bold, white lettering and the Arc Jacksonville title in a prime spot between the bull’s horns.

Marketing Materials Over the years

The marketing materials associated with Running of the Bulls over the years have ranged from print flyers to Snapchat filters. We’ve made sure to match all marketing material designs with not only the concept of the race itself – mostly revolving around the red paint used by the Roller Derby bulls – but also whatever that year’s t-shirt design was. Our goal was to get the word out on the 5k and celebrate the success of the runners with stylish, eye-catching designs.

Race Gear

What’s a 5k without some gear to go with it? For Running of the Bulls, it could be argued that the most important piece of gear wasn’t a medal – like it is for most 5k races – but the mostly white t-shirt that collected the red paint evidence of having been “gored” by the derby bulls. That said, while those paint-spotted shirts make for real conversation starters if worn after the race, it’s also true that the medals for all race finishers were designed with care as mementos for participating in such a great event. We implemented the design theme of the year for each medal, with the 2018 version going full metal and enamel and shaped like the logo redesign, rather than the usual simple circle.