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Nora and Ashley's

for Nora and Ashley's

Nora & Ashley’s is a wholly owned, subsidiary brand of Minneapolis based Wholesale Produce Supply. They sell and distribute B2C, pre-packaged food products ranging from cauliflower rice to zucchini noodles, all made from fresh, locally-sourced produce and sold with an emphasis on community and convenience. A big part of Nora & Ashley’s brand identity is its focus on supporting local farms around the Midwest area where they’re headquartered, purchasing produce within the state of Minnesota whenever possible. In addition to promoting locally-grown goods, Nora & Ashley’s care extends to donations to local hunger-related charities for every package sold.

The Website

Since so much of Nora & Ashley’s is centered on community, we knew they needed a digital brand and website design that conveyed all the charm and friendliness of a family-owned Midwest produce business. The brand is both youthful — targeting Millennials — and family-oriented, with special consideration made for marketing toward young families wanting to eat meals that are both convenient and nutritious. We designed Nora & Ashley’s site as a fun, colorful way to display the brand’s personality just as well as it displays its products and recipes, utilizing custom illustrations for a unique and wholesome overall appearance.

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Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations were an important tool for establishing the overall look and feel of the Nora & Ashley’s brand. Beginning with the characters of Nora and Ashley themselves, we worked to develop an illustration style that represented a family-oriented company and reflected Midwest values for a business that clearly values the Midwest.