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Cutting the cheese digitally.

for Londoner Cheese

Crafted in the heart of Great Britain’s countryside, Londoner cheeses have been sold to British households for over twenty years. Within the past several years, they’ve expanded into the U.S. market and have started selling their delicious wares on our side of the pond. RedFin Group stepped in when Londoner needed a website to showcase their different cheeses and inform customers about where to buy them.

Ornua Foods North America is the parent company of the universally beloved Kerrygold and Londoner brands of dairy products. For our project kickoff of the Kerrygold website development project they shipped us a box of their amazing cheeses. The way to our hearts is with cheese – it's been an amazing relationship ever since!


The Website

The website for Londoner Cheese is fun, simple, and user-friendly. On the design side of things, we wanted to make sure that the Londoner brand identity was on clear display throughout the entire site. Since it’s right there in the name, we determined that emphasizing Londoner’s London-centric branding would be a great theme for the website design and used quirky, sketch-styled illustrations and fonts to give the site a unique look. In addition to showcasing cheese varieties and buying locations, the Londoner USA website also displays recipes for their products and entertaining trivia.