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Insurance Link Direct Website Design

for Insurance Link Direct

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, InsuranceLink is an independent insurance agency that operates nation-wide and specializes in builders risk insurance for construction projects. In the complicated business of insurance, InsuranceLink prides itself on a customer-focused approach, prioritizing responsiveness and quality customer service in addition to the actual construction and property insurance products offered by the company.

The Website Redesign

Insurance is complicated and confusing enough, so a clean and simple design approach seemed best for InsuranceLink’s redesigned website. We made sure that everything InsuranceLink had to offer was front and center, so that site visitors (and potential customers) knew what they were looking at and whether it was what they needed. In addition to a breakdown in products offered, the InsuranceLink site also showcases resources, bill-paying, and a section for customer support.

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Branding Update

New branding doesn’t always come with a website redesign, but it did in the case of InsuranceDirect. We updated the branding to something a little less stuffy, which resulted in more freedom for the site design and a more welcoming, interesting website for visitors. We also added the “Powered by US Assure” line to the company logo, since why wouldn’t you display your association with a company that has over 40 years of experience in property and construction insurance?

Adding a Splash of Color

The days of websites limiting themselves to two or three main colors because it’s “more professional” that way are well and truly over! With our design know-how, we can make a site that’s colorful and professional at the same time — and that’s exactly what we did with InsuranceDirect. We gave InsuranceLink an array of beautiful colors that echo the US Assure branding in order to tie the two companies together, but also to make the website stand out and look inviting to visitors.

Eye catching image and text treatments