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A Star of a Website

for Sirius Group

Sirius International Insurance Group, Ltd. is an insurance and reinsurance company with a global reach, extending services in ten countries around the world well beyond its Bermuda-domiciled holding company. Sirius Group offers a variety of insurance and reinsurance products for both clients and brokers through operating companies located in the United States, Sweden, Singapore, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The Website Redesign

Sirius Group’s field of expertise is very structured and probably a bit esoteric for the average person – but that shouldn’t mean an absence of style. We approached the redesign for Sirius Group’s website with this mindset, making sure that the end result was just as modern and stylish as it was professional.

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Same Brand. New Style.

The first step in developing a new look and feel for Sirius was choosing a new secondary color palette that would fit with their previous color scheme, but allow more design freedom. As well as design and typography elements, we created simple style tiles with possible image treatments to help the clients envision how the new styles and colors might translate to the web before we moved forward with the full website design.


"I truly appreciate your professional, creative and technical guidance through the whole process.

Tim Kinney, Vice President | A&H Marketing
Connecting leads to underwriters

Previously, Sirius Group had problems with users visiting their site and not knowing who to talk to about specific needs. We aimed to change that with the new website, coming up with a solution to expand the site into locations and insurance/reinsurance markets rather than just information about their operating companies. We made sure the site cross-referenced locations and products, and that visitors never had to hunt for the right contact. Not only did this improve user experience, but the expanded site map also helped improve SEO.

A Responsive Experience

We say it a lot: the future is mobile. The best response to a mobile future is (surprise!) responsive design and development, and we went into the redesign for Sirius Group with responsiveness in mind. The fact that Sirius Group is a company on a global scale made the site’s adaptability even more important, so that anyone visiting from any of Sirius’s numerous locations – on anything from a phone to a desktop computer – could still experience the site as it was intended to be experienced.